Klee Group

Spécialiste dans le pilotage de la performance financière

About Klee Group

Since 1987 Klee Group symbolizes the performance, reliability and quality in the world of software and services companies.

Throughout its expansion, Klee Group created powerful entities to accommodate to the needs of software in various sectors.

Our contributors are united by a common ambition: "Create solutions with high added value based on technological innovations to enable our clients to achieve their strategic business objectives"

Klee Group provides three complementary areas of expertise:

•The development and business software publishing with high added value
•The consulting and the integration of large IT projects, serving various entities, private or public.
•The consulting and implementation of solutions for the driving of operational and financial performance.

Klee Group is also a state of mind: the dynamism and motivation of our teams, the development and evolution of our employees, the excellence of large consulting firms with always a human approach and for the center of our actions: the Client.

Key info
Founded in:
Le Plessis Robinson

Klee Group is capitalising on over 20 years' experience in the design and integration of turnkey information systems. Klee Group places this know-how at the service of its customers to ensure the successful completion of their projects.

Klee Group turns the promise of technological innovation into concrete solutions for its customers. This is achieved within its tight-knit teams by combining high-level technical skills and the expertise of consultants who are fully familiar with our customers' sectors of activity or committed to getting up to speed without delay.

As consultants, we aim to play an active role alongside our customers in order to work with them on defining solutions for their information system which will transform the way it works, and support such changes.

As integrators, we undertake to achieve the promised results. We call on our technical expertise, our working methods focused on the user and the undeniable quality of our teams in achieving these results. Klee Group has over time demonstrated its consistency and reliability in accomplishing the assignments entrusted to it.

Unfailingly customer oriented, we offer an extensive array of services from the upstream study through to hosting or operation of your systems and are experienced in bringing partners on board to provide end-to-end solutions.


Klee Group is a key player in the world of software publishing thanks to the Klee Commerce suite which has emerged as a standard on the mass retail sector.

Klee Group is carving out positions in finance with Capital Venture and archiving with Spark Archives.

Klee Commerce
The Klee Commerce suit is revitalizing the manufacture and distribution of fast-moving consumer goods in the circuits of mass retail, out-of-home catering, pharmacy/parapharmacy and selective retail. Used by over 200 customers, Klee Commerce includes the sales force management, the merchandising management, the management of point of sale information and advertising and decision support modules.

Klee Studio
The international CPG images Database dedicated to Consumer Goods industry.
Klee Studio offers a complete CPG images database to resolve Consumer Goods needs of Professionals: Manufacturers, Retailers and Service providers...

Klee 3D
Klee 3D develops solutions for modeling and rendering retail space for retail ultra-realistic 3D.

They allow you to work digitally on your new concepts of design, furniture and layout aimed to be incorporated in stores, working extensively on the consumer experience.

Klee 3D's solutions are designed to be very accessible, very easy to use, very affordable and operating on common hardware (smartphone, tablet, PC ...).

Capital Venture
Capital Venture offers an Intranet-based end-to-end portfolio management solution for private equity (risk capital, development capital, LBO, fund of funds).
The solution enables capital investors to optimise their ROI via stringent management of their investment portfolios.
It also offers advanced functions for reporting to investors and internal management.

Spark Archives
Spark Archives is a web software package enabling management of physical, digitised and electronic archives for archive departments and their users. This solution allows the archive departments of major companies and government entities to streamline their activity while providing end users with an enhanced service.
Spark Archives complies with the profession's norms and standards (ISAD (G), ISAAR-CPF, etc.) and facilitates switchover to electronic archiving.

La Boursidière, Le Plessis Robinson, 92350, France